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Carnation Footcare celebrate new partnership with Arlene Philips

Arlene PhillipsCarnation Footcare, leaders in innovative footcare products with over 85 years expertise, have joined forces with former Strictly Come Dancing judge, and choreographer, Arlene Phillips in order to help educate the UK market about the importance of good foot health.

Carnation, who recently brought to the market the innovative Healthy Nails and the Hard Skin Remover Pen, strive to be the market leaders in all things footcare. The brand new second generation PediRoller has been designed by podiatrists, following demand from the female footcare market.

The new PediRoller now includes a cooling foot gel, while it’s contoured design provides on-the-spot comfort for your feet, helping to relax the soles of your feet and relieving any pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

Arlene Philips comments, “The Carnation PediRoller and gel are just what I want after a long day on my feet.”

Dave Wain, MD and podiatrist at Carnation, commented, ‘We are thrilled to welcome Arlene on board to help promote the PediRoller to the national media. We are extremely pleased to be working with a legend of choreography and dance, who understands the importance of looking after her feet.’

Carnation Footcare have also created a series of national media advertisements to help unify the relationship between both the PediRoller and Arlene and communicate the message to consumers.

The PediRoller is £9.99 and available from selected Boots stores and pharmacies country wide.

Podiatry trial shows benefits of alternative treatment for corns

A trial carried out in Sheffield has shown that the use of corn plasters can have significant clinical benefits when compared with the standard scalpel treatment for corns.

The Corn Plaster Evaluation (COPE) trial, run by the Sheffield Podiatry Service of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, in conjunction with the University of Sheffield Clinical Trials and Research Unit, included 202 patients with corns recruited from sites in Sheffield and Huddersfield. The participants were randomized to receive either the scalpel treatment or corn plasters.

The randomised control trial, funded by an NIHR Research for Benefit grant, was led by Professor Wesley Vernon, Head of the Sheffield Podiatry Service (pictured), and Brenda King, Tissue Viability Nurse Specialist, and was managed by Dr Lisa Farndon, Podiatric Development Facilitator.

Corns are areas of hard, thickened skin that develop when the skin is exposed to excessive pressure or friction. They commonly occur on the feet and can cause pain and discomfort when walking.

The results of the trial showed that corn plasters are safe and cost effective when used on appropriate patients and under supervision by a podiatrist. Corn plasters were associated with a higher proportion of healed corns, a prolonged time to recurrence, less pain and reduced corn size over the first 6 months in comparison with scalpel treatment.

Long term benefits indicated that those who had corn plasters were 60% less likely to have recurrence of a corn at 12 months. There was also some evidence of an increase in quality of life indicators (QUALYs), as well as evidence that the treatment is cost effective.

Professor Wesley Vernon said: “This was an important trial as corns can have a real impact on people’s lives, making it difficult to walk and keep active.

“Our results show that corn plasters have significant benefits over the scalpel treatment, and we hope that other podiatry services will adopt them as standard practice.”

Patients attending the Sheffield Podiatry Service who meet the right criteria will now be offered corn plaster treatment.

Pump Bumps

Victoria Beckham caused a stir recently when she was photographed wearing ‘sensible’ flats instead of her usual skyscraper stilettos. However, she may still be doing damage to her feet in her ballet pumps as flats can pose their own pitfalls such as shortened calf muscles, corns and a new problem, ‘Pump Bumps’, inflammation at the back of the foot caused by ill-fitting flat shoes.

‘Pump bumps’, known as Haglund’s Deformity to podiatrists, affect tissue on the back of the heel. Ill-fitting shoes, particularly those that apply pressure to the back of the heel, can irritate this tissue over time and can cause it to become inflamed. This can then cause swelling and thickening of the tissue, which can be very painful.

Dave Wain, Carnation Footcare podiatrist, says, “Many people think wearing flat shoes, like ballet pumps, is better for your feet than wearing heels, but this is a myth! Very flat shoes can put a strain on the back of the legs and ankles, whereas wearing small heels helps ease that pressure. The ideal height is 1½ inches, which helps to avoid putting strain on the foot.”

Carnation Footcare Tip Toes are also a great way to make sure shoes don’t rub and cause discomfort. Tip Toes Heel Shields and Gel Spots are a great way to keep feet healthy and comfortable and avoid the dreaded Pump Bump!

Pamper Feet for Summer’s Stylish Sandals

If the glossies are anything to go by, sandals; be they fringed, caged or gladiator, are still high on the style-o-meter this summer. Warm boots and ballets have no doubt been worn all winter and so the thought of baring your toes can fill some women with dread.

Regular trips to the beauty salon can be expensive, so for an affordable way to prep your feet for sandal season, why not try some of the fantastic foot-friendly products on offer from Carnation Footcare.

Dave Wain, Carnation Footcare Podiatrist, says, “The change from closed shoes to sandals in the summer can leave women with a host of footcare woes to contend with, from corns to cracked heels. Luckily, with the help of Carnation Footcare’s range, walking tall this summer is easy.”

To get rid of hard skin that may have built up whilst the sun was in hiding, Carnation Exfoliating Foot Scrub, containing apricot seed and walnut shell, will not only revive your feet but put much-needed moisture back into tired toes.

If trotting around town in this season’s latest shoes and the high summer heat leads to painful blisters then Carnation HydroBlister is on hand to help. By creating a discreet gel barrier, HydroBlister allows the area to heal quickly and effectively, leaving your feet pain-free.

To prevent any further sore spots, pop a Carnation Anti-Blister Stick into your handbag. The Anti-Blister Stick provides an invisible protective layer for any friction points, allowing you to show off summer’s stylish shoes, minus painful pinches.

There’s nothing like walking around in the hot summer heat to leave feet sore and swollen so try new Carnation Refreshing Foot Spray with cooling citrus to revitalise weary toes.

The results are in! Carnation helps kids maintain happy feet

The winning entry by Katie from Lincolnshire

The winning entry by Katie from Lincolnshire

Joining forces with popular parenting website, My Child, Carnation Footcare organised a competition to get kids to think about feet by creating their very own, exciting Silversock design.

Children up and down the country submitted their creative designs to win a variety of fantastic prizes, including a Carnation Footcare set for all the family, an art set, a Happy Feet DVD and a foot printing kit – and, of course, a supply of Silversocks!

And our winner is: Katie from Lincolnshire! Congratulations to Katie, who’s winning design is shown left.

Our fantastic runners up, who will all receive a Happy Feet DVD and a pair of Silversocks are:

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